As a top talent individual, we appreciate the fact that you’ve reached a stage in your career where you not only want to do great work, you want to do great work with a team of top talented people—people at your level with whom you’ll enjoy working for years to come. And while there are plenty of other firms you could work for, there are five critical reasons why we think you’ll want to seriously consider Red Arch Solutions as your next employer.

1. Our salaries and benefits are among the best in the industry.

At your level, you want to be valued for the contribution you make. We agree. That’s why we offer a great salary and benefits package for all our top talent employees. You not only get a generous 401K, leave, and health policy options, you get paid for every hour you work, we have no use or lose policy, and since we’re so committed to education, we’re even willing to contribute a match to your kid’s education (up to $12K per family).

2. We’re a company of difference makers.

While there are a lot of “butts in seats” companies in this market space, we’re not one of them. We assume you do what you do because you want to make a difference. And so do we. We’re a team of highly motivated, innovative, creative problem solvers. We’re initiative-takers and needle-movers who are intelligent, ambitious, and professional. And, as a company, we’re very intentional about looking for not just any opportunity, but for those opportunities where an impact player can make a difference.

3. At Red Arch Solutions, you’re more than just a number.

When you choose to work at Red Arch Solutions, you become part of a team. We value you and are dedicated to you and your career. We stay in contact with you on a regular basis so you never feel alone. We hold quarterly reviews so you never have to worry where you stand. And since you have a life outside of work, we hold several family events throughout the year, are involved in a number of community service projects, and even offer a free financial planner for your entire portfolio (not just your 401K).

4. We’re committed to helping you build your career.

Regardless of where you are in your career, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent college graduate, when you join Red Arch Solutions, we create a customized development plan with you. We have a Master’s Degree Program where we’ll pay up to $30K—after just six months on the job. We offer a reimbursable education benefit of $5,250K per year for books, conferences, webinars, etc. We offer a mentor program which you can take advantage of—either as a mentoree or as a mentor (depending on where you are in your career). And we have a strong peer-to-peer collaborative culture which will help you develop and take your career to the next level.

5. Our owner is actively engaged in the business.

Red Arch Solutions is not driven by a venture capital firm, nor by a “scale fast and sell,” owner. Our owner is actively engaged in the business on a daily basis. We’re well funded, financially sound, and positioned for growth. And we have a long-term business plan. So when you choose to work with Red Arch Solutions, you won’t have to worry week-in and week-out if your employer will be around next week.