Red Arch Solutions is a one-of-a-kind career destination that places you first, supporting you in your professional growth and development through the following:

      • Our culture fosters unique mentoring relationships with Management and Leadership.
      • Management and Leadership provide constant support and communication that nurtures learning and professional advancement.
      • We offer training/certification credits (up to $5,250 per year) to help you stay ahead of the curve on new technologies and available certifications to keep you at the top of your game.

Our “People First” philosophy sets Red Arch apart from boilerplate government contractors concerned more with filling seats than advancing careers. Here are some of the things that make us different:

      • Red Arch employees are eligible for up to $5,250.00 per year to pursue advanced education with a maximum of $30,000.00 over the lifetime of the program.
      • We help you achieve a healthy balance between work and life outside work. We believe that your quality of life is an asset to our business. Our employees earn 4 weeks of PTO their first year and that amount increases with longer employment.
      • We encourage and value your opinions. Your suggestions and opinions carry weight with company management. We know that the best solutions and ideas often come from the front lines of the workforce.
      • We reward outstanding performance with spot bonuses, rewards, and company outings.
      • We’re here for you in all stages of your career, providing you with premium benefits and training, on-site leadership opportunities, long term financial planning, and the creation of long and short term goals setting to further your career.

You won’t find the typical vertical management model here at Red Arch.

Our horizontal philosophy gives you direct access to Managing Directors and the Executive Team. We’re here to listen to you through the good times as well as through your personal and professional challenges.

Best of all, you will be working with the best and brightest in your industry.

You’re on the job with a team of top talented people. Whether you’re junior or well-established in your career, you’ll have the opportunity to constantly learn from and share ideas and best practices with your colleagues.

We provide our employees with some of the best benefits available in the industry:

      • PPO medical, PPO dental, and vision coverage
      • 4 weeks of Paid Time Off (PTO), increasing with longer employment
      • 10 paid federal holidays
      • Employer 401k contribution based on your total gross income
      • Annual training budget
      • Graduate degree stipend
      • Matching employer contribution to college saving investment fund
      • Life and disability insurance options

Interested in joining Red Arch Solutions?

It’s simple! Apply online to a specific opening or complete a general application if you do not see an exact match. Your experience starts with a conversation with our Senior Recruiter, who will map your experience to open roles within Red Arch Solutions. If there is a match, you’ll meet with one of our Managing Directors or Program Managers to dive deeper into your background and experience. You’ll also experience firsthand what it’s like to work for Red Arch Solutions in support of the customer and hear why our employees continue to grow their career here.