The solutions and experience to solve today’s biggest challenges

Red Arch Solutions is committed to solving the biggest business and technology challenges facing the IC and DoD today. We offer the below set of company service offerings consisting of solutions that plan ahead of demand and current organizational pain points and offer services that can be tailored to meet and optimize specific or unique needs and operations of stakeholders and consumers. Our goal is to offer full service solutions and ensure that your organization has all of the help, training, solutions and support your organization needs.

Advanced Cloud Computing and Data Fusion

“Big Data” analytics that scale to fit your needs

 In an alignment with our commitment to solving the challenges of today and tomorrow, we are focused on building advancements in global architecture and enterprise cloud-based computing that enables an open, agile environment for innovation to reduce IT overhead, support applications on-demand, and improve operations and mission effectively.  Our flexible business model allows scalable services to be launched more rapidly and efficiently, regardless of the geography, size of the organization, or size and variety of the data sets.

We provide the most secure, scalable and manageable cloud solutions through an infrastructure designed to support ‘Big Data’ analytics, enabling large enterprises to dramatically scale up storage, compute and network capacity on-demand. Our advanced global architecture enables the building of real-time federations of heterogeneous capabilities including sensors, data sources, analytics and metadata. Our solution introduces a Data Fusion Architecture with ability to conduct real-time and near real-time Multi-INT fusion within the cloud-based environment.

Advanced Analytics

Game changing technology to give you a competitive edge

Advanced Analytics is a game changer, enabling cloud computing to become truly nimble and effective.  By applying various analytic techniques to multiple data sets with the purpose of answering questions and resolving possible problems, Advanced Analytics can give you the competitive edge you need.  Powerful and far sweeping, this solution makes it possible to solve problems that were previously difficult, if not altogether impossible to solve.  Advanced analytics drills deeper into the “why” of a situation.  The incorporation of advanced, metrics-based analyses and analytic methodologies into our cloud architecture increases this impending predictability. Advanced analytics can enable government enterprises to identify trends and make predictive mission decisions.

Our approach enables the real-time fusion of massive amounts of data from multiple data types and categories to persistently monitor essential elements of interest and focus on critical issues through analysis to derive maximum value. Over time, organizations will see less need for specialized software as enterprises use advanced analytics on a distributed data warehouse of data to accomplish trend analysis.  Best of all, Advanced Analytics enables true real-time decision-making.

Services-based Software Development

Keeping you up to date with changes in technology and innovation

The realization of true business innovation requires innovation in software development as a primary value driver to business success.  Complexity of Information Technology (IT) continues to propagate the industry, as is the reliance upon software development will continue to increase. Most IT implementations across technical specialties will become “software-defined” to align with Cloud Computing based services. Red Arch services-based software solutions meet the complexity challenges for software, systems delivery and services delivery to keep up with rapid changes in technology and continue down an innovation path.

We provide solutions to enable organizations to transform designs, development and delivery of IT software, applications development, software testing and software-embedded requirements.  We embrace the latest means and methods in software development and delivery including agile development and continuous delivery cycles for system and cloud-based services for infrastructure, platform and SaaS.

Open Utility Networking and Storage

Flexible, affordable, dynamic open utility networks

Red Arch offers a converged virtual network infrastructure solution required by today’s datacenter to service-enable cloud computing designs. We offer a virtual utility network delivery utilizing open management and control interfaces, Software Defined Networking (SDN) for datacenters as well as Wide-Area Networks (WAN) core fabric capabilities.  Our Open Utility Network delivery provides WAN and Datacenter Networks that have greater performance, and are more flexible and fault tolerant, dynamically controlled and cheaper to operate. Although SDN is somewhat in its infancy, it brings forth greater network flexibility, building a hybrid, multi-tenant utility network with operational efficiencies to scale in lockstep with the Cloud Computing paradigm.

Our Open Storage and storage stack approaches offer options geared to respond to greater demand and the data explosion associated with cloud computing consolidation of enterprises.  Our delivery provides an open platform for innovation and is specifically designed to deliver the underpinnings of a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. Our approach is technology-specific agnostic and is geared towards planned architectures and future requirements.

Advanced Hardware Architecture & Platform Services

The full spectrum of cloud services, including Iaas, PaaS and DaaS

Our total architecture solution set delivers the full spectrum of cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). The Red Arch approach centers on the global scale orchestration of infrastructure designed to deliver advanced services for a wide-variety of users. Our unified infrastructure platform provides a state-of-the-art definitive architecture, and is focused on the simplification of the design of network, compute and storage for the cloud, simplifying IaaS.  This approach is also geared to the development of PaaS by providing a rich unified infrastructure platform that will grow additional services.

This enhances security improves efficiency in management and operations within the cloud-based environment.  The Red Arch Advanced Architecture and Platform Services provides the flexibility to rapidly support large and medium-sized enterprises, to design and customize IT and security architectures and provide private cloud solutions for large government organizations and corporations. Our cloud computing core platform furnishes a true infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capability, trimming costs for complete infrastructure.

IT Security and Data Protection (Cyber/IA/CND)

Layered IT security and perimeter defense protection to keep your data safe

The protection of IT and its data component is imperative. The first step to secure computing, is knowing what data you have and what levels of protection are required to keep information safe from loss, destruction, as well as confidential and private from unauthorized disclosure. We understand that data is one of today’s greatest assets.  Knowing where it located, how it’s used and who needs it is critical to enhanced operations.  Red Arch offers layered IT security and perimeter defense protection through continuous monitoring, including standard deliveries of Network and Host Intrusion, Firewalls and Antivirus solutions, plus we offer web risk detection and prevention solutions and innovative Data Protection capabilities.

Advances in technology have enabled organizations to process more and more data, and to share information more easily, exposing ever increasing amounts of more sensitive data to larger audiences.  Our approach to IT Data Protection incorporates three distinct functional elements, Data Identification, Data Clarification and Data Protection and Vulnerability Management.  Collectively, these three elements provide the perspective necessary to understand your data and, ultimately, allow you to more effectively use it to your business or mission advantage.  Additionally, Red Arch offers standard information assurance services, including computer network defense capabilities, as well as advanced cyber alerting services.

Systems Engineering (SE) and Agile Acquisitions

A new paradigm and operating model for capabilities transformation

Today’s planning has to involve proactive strategies such as the agility to spin up virtual machines (VMs) on the fly, and involve hardware that is merely an underlayment for such a capability separate from its middleware redeployment capabilities. Equally, the understanding, involvement and outreach to industry or other organizations (vendors, companies, etc.) to the involvement of rapid issue recognition is necessary for quick, best practice/ best of breed resolutions to IT issues. Through our Systems Engineering (SE) and Agile Acquisitions services, we understand these important practices for both new developments as well as transformational environments. Our SE services build decision making solutions to analyze systematic, fundamental and hard to solve problems.

Though our approach and transformational model we constantly survey best practices and industry capabilities and provide engineering services that can rapidly assess and design solutions that endure.  Designed for continuous evolution, our management framework also presents a new paradigm and operating model for capabilities transformation, to remain in front of rapidly changing technology. We offer a capability for new Information Technology (IT) insertion that accelerates yesterday’s acquisition approach in concert with needs for IT agility.

Strategic Architecture Planning and Development

Agile, scalable strategies that transform the role of IT

The successful alignment of an organization’s IT architecture roadmap with their enterprise’s overall strategic direction is a key element  to enable the breakthroughs, business positioning and strategies that bring about effective transformation.  We help organizations prepare for shifts in strategy and innovations in technologies, resulting in a holistic approach to setting IT investment priorities and define the programs to put into place to deliver core IT infrastructure elements.

Our Strategic Architecture Planning and Development offering focused on subject element such as Unified Data Architectures and planning for providers of advanced delivery technologies and services, including digital tools.  We deliver strategies that deliver reduced costs, increased agility, enhanced scalability, improvement to the standardization of IT services, and transform the roles of an IT organization.

Database Development and Data Management

Fast, scalable and efficient database development and management

Red Arch provides services on custom database design, development, programming, integration, management and administration. We ensure that our clients get the most out of their business by providing highly-sophisticated database solutions that are fast, scalable and efficient. We have profound experience in Oracle, MySQL, and other turnkey relational database management systems (RDBMS) and offer a core specialty in content and data management and distribution within the Intelligence Community (IC).

Red Arch provides cross-industry expertise in database design, data and media development integration and management as well as administration, programming, database integration and conversion, data and database maintenance and support and secure e-commerce solutions. In addition to traditional DBMSs, Red Arch has focused experience in Cloud Computing environments running Apache Hadoop’s H-Base and Accumulo databases. Our ability to combine strategic vision with in-depth expertise in a variety of cutting edge database technologies ensures we can deliver the data management solutions required for your environment.

IT Implementation Services

Strategies to minimize downtime, reduce risk and increase network speed

Red Arch solutions implements reliable, cost-effective service management solutions for implementation needs, ranging from basic installation to complex projects performed by our advanced networking experts.  Our practices minimize disruptions and downtime, reduce risk and enable faster realization of infrastructure and network services. Our IT Implementation Services plan your projects, implement best practices, minimize risks associated with complex implementations and provide investment protection.  Our services include establishing, relocating and/or refurbishing facility IT infrastructure to fulfill customers current and future intelligence mission needs.

Our effort includes the following activities: consolidating Broadband, Voice, Data and Video Networks with passive optical networking components as well as the integration and implementation of equipment including routers, switches, firewalls, and servers, and workstations for the modernization of IT.  Furthermore, our services offer proven processes, requirements identification and collection, Design Analysis, Planning, Network Engineering, Project Management, Network Installation, Systems Installation, Logistics Management, Integration, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Testing, O&M, and Documentation.