IT Implementation Services

Strategies to minimize downtime, reduce risk, and increase network speed

Red Arch Solutions offers reliable, cost-effective service management solutions for implementation needs, ranging from basic installation to complex projects performed by our advanced networking experts. Our practices minimize disruptions and downtime, reduce risk, and enable faster realization of infrastructure and network services. We can plan your projects, implement best practices, minimize risks associated with complex implementations, and provide investment protection. Our services include establishing, relocating, and/or refurbishing facility Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to fulfill customers current and future intelligence mission needs.

Our effort includes the following activities: consolidating Broadband, Voice, Data, and Video Networks with passive optical networking components as well as the integration and implementation of equipment including routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and workstations for the modernization of IT. Furthermore, our services offer

  • proven processes
  • requirements identification and collection
  • design analysis
  • planning
  • network engineering
  • project management
  • network installation
  • systems installation
  • logistics management
  • integration
  • quality assurance
  • configuration management
  • testing
  • operations and management (O&M)
  • documentation