IT Security and Data Protection

Layered Information Technology (IT) security and perimeter defense protection to keep your data safe

The protection of IT and its data component is imperative. The first step to secure computing is knowing what data you have and what levels of protection are required to keep information safe from loss and destruction, as well as confidential and private from unauthorized disclosure. We understand that data is one of today’s greatest assets. Knowing where it’s located, how it’s used, and who needs it is critical to enhanced operations.

Red Arch Solutions offers layered IT security and perimeter defense protection through continuous monitoring, including standard deliveries of network and host intrusion, and firewalls and antivirus solutions. Plus we offer web risk detection and prevention solutions and innovative data protection capabilities.

Advances in technology have enabled organizations to process more and more data and to share information more easily, exposing ever increasing amounts of sensitive data to larger audiences. Our approach to IT data protection incorporates three distinct functional elements:

  1. Data identification
  2. Data clarification
  3. Data protection and vulnerability management

Collectively, these three elements provide the perspective necessary to understand your data and, ultimately, allow you to more effectively use it to your business or mission advantage. Additionally, Red Arch Solutions offers standard information assurance services, including computer network defense capabilities, as well as advanced cyber alerting services.