Networking and Storage

Flexible, affordable, dynamic open utility networks

Red Arch Solutions offers a converged virtual network infrastructure solution required by today’s datacenter to service-enable cloud computing designs. We offer a virtual utility network delivery utilizing open management and control interfaces, Software Defined Networking (SDN) for datacenters, as well as Wide-Area Networks (WAN) core fabric capabilities. Our Open Utility Network delivery provides WAN and datacenter networks that have greater performance and are more flexible and fault tolerant, dynamically controlled, and cheaper to operate. Although SDN is somewhat in its infancy, it brings forth greater network flexibility by building a hybrid, multi-tenant utility network with operational efficiencies to scale in lockstep with the cloud computing paradigm.

Our open storage and storage stack approaches respond to greater demand and the data explosion associated with cloud computing consolidation of enterprises. Our delivery provides an open platform for innovation and is specifically designed to deliver the underpinnings of a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. Our approach is technology-specific agnostic and is geared towards planned architectures and future requirements.