Northrop Grumman, Cyber Division

“His contributions have been instrumental to the team’s success.” In appreciation for Shawn Lawson’s dedication to the success of the AMALGAM program, the program would like to recognize and thank him for his hard work and dedication to the mission. His contributions have been instrumental to the team’s success. Specifically, the recent compliance activity has received… Read More

Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)

“We don’t have too many PMs of your caliber.” Since customers do not get to see the effort that goes into these projects, I feel we should recognize those that put in hard work and effort to make AFTAC’s mission successful. We stayed late troubleshooting and preparing the system to move the databases and mount… Read More

Current Employee, Cloud Development Lead (review on

“Finally, a Company That Cares About Their Employees.” Positive and supportive work environment with direct access to senior management. You are afforded every opportunity to grow. If you need schooling, training, support, this company will back you 100%. Coming from a company that promised me the world yet showed me nothing in return for all… Read More